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When you sponsor an episode of Marketing O’Clock, your brand takes over the episode! As the exclusive sponsor of the episode, we will help you sell your product with multiple custom testimonials per episode, social ads, branded graphics on YouTube, and more.


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Sponsorship Opportunities

Episode Sponsorship

$1000 per episode

When you sponsor an episode of Marketing O’Clock, your brand takes over the episode!

  • 2 ads per episode for better message retention
  • Sponsor-branded border for YouTube version of show
  • Screenshots/Logos/Graphics applied to video during the show
  • Custom edited clips of all ads for your own promotional purposes
  • Custom branded & tagged promotional clips shared to our social media
  • Sponsor promotion on episode show notes pages


Newsletter Sponsorship

$250 per week

Let your brand be a part of our weekly newsletter! We send out the show notes with all article links and a link back to the episode every week.

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Customized Sponsorship


Contact us for customized sponsorship opportunities to fit your business, including studio naming rights, segment naming rights, or interview episodes.

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Notable Advertisers

Notable advertisers

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

"Marketing O'Clock with @gregfinn & @JessicaLBudde is one of my favorite SEO/SEM podcasts (if not THE favorite). It has a strong signal to noise ratio, the balance b/t SEO & SEM is great, & Greg/Jess are both excellent & entertaining. I highly reco it if you haven't listened yet."


"If you haven't listened/ watched these two, you're missing out. Great show, super informative and entertaining."


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