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EP. 280

May 26, 2023

recAIpping AIll the hAIppenings AIt Google mAIrketing lAIve 2023

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EP. 279

May 19, 2023

Bring Down The (Velvet) Hammer. Musk Makes Room for the New Twitter...

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EP. 278

May 12, 2023

Old McDonald Had a BARD, E-I-E (Google) I/O

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EP. 277

May 5, 2023

Save the Data! Google Gets Cold Feet, Saves Universal Analytics Historical Data...

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EP. 276

April 28, 2023

Mo Money Mo Problems. Notorious M.E.T.A. Overspends Ad Set Budgets.

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EP. 275

April 21, 2023

It’s Not Your iMAGInation. Google Announces New AI Search Engine.

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