Episode 102 | December 27, 2019

And the Clockscar Goes to… Our First Annual Digital Marketing News Award Show.

In this week’s digital marketing news, Marketing O’Clock hosts the first annual Clockscars, Google Lens takes the guessing game out of dying your hair, Facebook’s campaign budget optimization drop is coming, voice search awaits its big break in 2020, Google support takes a permanent break from social media, Facebook has its eye on the Superbowl, and a new project works to make incompatible smart home products compatible.


Listen above and read the full show notes below.

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Show notes:

The First Annual Clockscars [46:55]

This Week’s Digital Marketing News [02:12]

Take of the Week [08:50]

Lightning Round

Paid [11:38]

Organic [17:20]

Social [27:50]

Working Hard or Hardly Working [36:33]

W T H [39:26]

Cool Tool [43:28] 

Must-Read Marketing Article of the Week [44:13]

Shoot The Heck [69:11]

Episode 101 I’m with the banned. Instagram won’t allow certain products for branded content.