Episode 104 | January 10, 2020

Paging all Brands: Use Bing Pages to control your presence in the search results

In this week’s digital marketing news, Bing Pages personalize branded search results, Spotify spearheads podcast advertising, the future of Google Assistant means storytime and sticky notes, Twitter opens ad space for trend spotlight, Tweet reply restrictions fight internet trolling, Samsung builds a friendly chatbot, and Airbnb software works to perfect psychopath detection.


Listen above and read the full show notes below.

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Show notes:

This Week’s Digital Marketing News [03:40]

Take of the Week [15:00]

Lightning Round

Paid [18:48]

Organic [28:41]

Social [38:42]

Working Hard or Hardly Working [49:16]

W T H [52:45]

Don’t Do It Department

Cool Tool [55:30] 

Must-Read Marketing Article of the Week [56:19]

Shoot The Heck [59:28]

Greg’s Bitmoji

Cypress North’s Adam Deep Fakes: Adam Phone Home


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