Episode 83 | August 16, 2019

Clicks Half Empty – Less Than Half Of Google Searches End With a Click

Google Webmasters tweet third-party hosting advice, the Google monopoly continues to dominate, the secret is out for how to successfully rank locally, manage all your hashtags in one Cool Tool, buy movies within Facebook ads, podcasts continue to be trendy, Tumblr is on the market again for a record low price, and posting to Instagram could be the easiest way to make a million dollars.


Listen above and read the full show notes below.


Show notes:


This Week’s Digital Marketing News [01:17]

Must-Read Marketing Articles of the Week [55:12]

Take of the Week [12:10]

Lightning Round

Paid [13:23]

Non-Paid [26:42]

Working Hard or Hardly Working [45:57]

W T H [48:44]

Cool Tool [53:35]

Shoot The Heck [56:53]

Episode 82 Google Trips Has Departed. Google Maps For Travel Now Arriving.