Bonus Episode | January 29, 2019

Deep Dive: Google Responsive Display Ads

Ever wonder what a Google Responsive Display Ad is? And more importantly, should you care? This week’s Deep Dive on Marketing O’Clock, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about RDAs: what they are, the pros and cons, best practices, and much more.


Here’s our ‘Google Responsive Display Ads’ checklist:


The Pros:


Saves Time

You can “test multiple assets within a single ad.”

You don’t have to make each ad variation separately.

Automatic Optimization

Google’s machine learning uses your historical performance to choose which ad combination will perform the best with your audience.


You can have tailored creative for audience and site visitors with dynamic re-marketing.

You can use display re-marketing for your shopping campaigns.

Breeding Ground for Ideas

This is the tool to see what ads will perform the best without putting a lot of money and time behind it. Then, once you get the results, you can create the ad combinations that you know will perform well.

The Cons:


Can’t See Overall Best Performance

Google RDA’s only give you four criteria when judging the ad’s success; learning, low, good, and best. But it won’t show you what ad combination is the overall best performing.

Lose Control

We don’t recommend RDA’s for highly regulated businesses like law firms. This is due to the fact that you lose control over how Google decides to show your ads.

You also don’t have control over the brand colors that appear with the ad. But Google does a pretty decent job with choosing these colors for you.

Still a Responsive Ad

These ads are still not the most beautiful in the world.

These ads are not the best performing either, but they are still valuable for testing.

How to Create an RDA:

  • Log into Google Ads
  • Create a Display Campaign
  • Go to Ads & Extensions
  • Create a Responsive Display
  • Add in the creative

You’re all set to go!

What Creative is Included?

  • 15 Images
  • 5 Logos
  • 5 Headlines
  • 5 Descriptions
  • 1 Long Headline
  • 1 Business Name

Click here for RDA Image Sizes


Test as many ad combinations as you can to see what works the best.

Try different themes (Ex: mixing long and short descriptions with the same headline).

Experiment with various image styles (Ex: lifestyle vs. product).

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