Bonus Episode | February 12, 2019

Deep Dive: Reddit Ads Update


The Update:


CPC Bidding

  • CPC bidding has arrived for traffic and conversion campaign objectives!
  • CPC minimum bid is $0.25 (default minimum bid is $0.50).


Campaign Objectives

  • You can now optimize your campaign for app installs on mobile on a pay-per-click basis.
  • Brand awareness and reach campaign objectives are still on a CPM basis only. BUT, the CPM minimum bid is now $5.00 (we are not thrilled).


How To Navigate:


Don’t Panic

  • Reddit has automatically shut off all of your running ad groups for the update and switched them to CPC (ads that were already paused weren’t updated).
  • You need to manually go into each ad group, edit the bidding type, and set it to live again.
  • If it looks like all of your previous data has disappeared, simply change your view from default to archive.


Moving Forward:


CPC Bidding Only

  • A CPM $5.00 minimum is crazy! So avoid CPM at all costs. Set all of your ad groups to CPC bidding at the $0.25 minimum.



  • A CPC of $0.25 minimum is still fairly high so you’ll want to make sure that you’re being very strict with your targeting.
  • Keep a close eye on conversions and how much of your budget is actually being spent.
  • Create high-quality creative to help narrow your targeting even more.



  • Don’t assume that anything you had running before the update is going to perform the same now.
  • Keep testing everything until you find what works best.


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