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Deep Dive: Reddit Ads Update

February 12, 2019

By Hope DiNatale
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How to Listen:         

The Update:

CPC Bidding

  • CPC bidding has arrived for traffic and conversion campaign objectives!
  • CPC minimum bid is $0.25 (default minimum bid is $0.50).

Campaign Objectives

  • You can now optimize your campaign for app installs on mobile on a pay-per-click basis.
  • Brand awareness and reach campaign objectives are still on a CPM basis only. BUT, the CPM minimum bid is now $5.00 (we are not thrilled).

How To Navigate:

Don’t Panic

  • Reddit has automatically shut off all of your running ad groups for the update and switched them to CPC (ads that were already paused weren’t updated).
  • You need to manually go into each ad group, edit the bidding type, and set it to live again.
  • If it looks like all of your previous data has disappeared, simply change your view from default to archive.

Moving Forward:

CPC Bidding Only

  • A CPM $5.00 minimum is crazy! So avoid CPM at all costs. Set all of your ad groups to CPC bidding at the $0.25 minimum.


  • A CPC of $0.25 minimum is still fairly high so you’ll want to make sure that you’re being very strict with your targeting.
  • Keep a close eye on conversions and how much of your budget is actually being spent.
  • Create high-quality creative to help narrow your targeting even more.


  • Don’t assume that anything you had running before the update is going to perform the same now.
  • Keep testing everything until you find what works best.

Read more about this update on the Cypress Blog >

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Hope DiNatale

Hope is a Digital Coordinator at Cypress North, working in digital content creation as well as learning to specialize in social media marketing. She loves the mixture of solving problems for others while still being able to work in a creative space. Hope is eager to gain as much experience as she can in the ever-changing digital marketing industry. For Hope, attention to detail is what matters most and she won’t stop working on a project until every detail is perfect for the client.

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