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EP. 251

November 4, 2022

An Audience of None: Google Ads’ Similar Audiences are being “Replaced”

This week on Marketing O’Clock, Google Ads announced that they are removing similar audiences and they want you to replace them with features that aren’t similar at all. Plus, new Amazon ad formats are out for delivery and the show Musk go on as Twitter moves ahead after Elon’s acquisition.

Main Digital Marketing News

Update on Similar Audiences and Transition to More Durable Audience Solutions

Welcome to Hell, Elon

Twitter Ad Sales Head, Diversity Chief Resign Amid Turbulent Musk Takeover

Blue for $8/Month

To All Complainers, Please Continue Complaining, But It Will Cost $8

Twitter is Reportedly Working on an OnlyFans-Style Feature

Twitter is Working on a Pay-Per-View Video Feature

Amazon Takes on Google With New Ad Features

unBoxed 2022: Amazon Ads Announces New Sponsored Display, Physical Store Advertising, and More

Google Search is Getting New Shopping Features to Help You Get a Better Deal

Take of the Week hashtag Fire

ICYMI, something that you just might not have seen

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