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  • Google is 20!Is Improving Search for the Next 20 years!
    • As Google celebrates its 20th birthday they are giving us gifts as they continue to improve their search engine to make it easier for users!
  • Introducing Google Discover
    • Google is making “three fundamental shifts” to Search that will benefit the user and give them the information they want and need with the launch of Google feed and much more!
  • Helping you along your Search journeys
    • There are a variety of new Search features to help users along the way of their “Search Journey.” With new activity cards, collections, the organization of Search results and much more users have everything they need to find the information they are looking for.
  • Making visual content more useful in Search
    • We are a growing digital age and everyone is drawn to aesthetically pleasing images and informative video, Google is growing with our digital culture and is not offering tons of new visual features, like immersive stories and much more!
  • Introducing Facebook Stories Ads
    • Facebook is not offering ads in their Facebook stories similar to Instagram!
  • Introducing Visual Search On Snapchat
    • Search for products on Amazon from your Snapchat camera! A card will appear over the product and you can see if its available on Amazon right from Snapchat app.