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EP. 249

October 21, 2022

No More Clicking Site (Name) Unseen. Google Introduces Site Names for Search.

This week on Marketing O’Clock, Google announced that they’ll be showing site names on mobile search results. Google also says they’re making ads more distinguishable than organic results (we disagree). Plus, YouTube ADds new formats, TikTok launches a Smart Performance that doesn’t involve dancing, brand new features for Facebook creators, and new evidence that some Google Ads match types might be going aBROAD. Subscribe to us on YouTube and fill out the form in this week's episode description to claim your free PMin Sticker!

Main Digital Marketing News

Introducing Site Names on Google Search

Google is Rolling Out New Search Ad Label

YouTube Expands 30-second Audio Ads, Said to be 2nd Most Popular Podcast Listening Destination

YouTube Announces New Ad Options, Including ‘Moment Blast’ and Expanded Audio Placements

Get Rid of Pesky Match Types and Focus on Broad Match

Google Ad Match Types are Not Going Away

Branded Content on Facebook Reels: A New Way to Partner With Brands

A Look Inside TikTok’s New Automated Smart Performance Campaigns

Take of the Week hashtag Fire

ICYMI, something that you just might not have seen

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Google’s September 2022 Broad Core Product Reviews Update – The Complexity and Confusion When Major Algorithm Updates Overlap