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Interview Questions:

1. What was your first job?

  • In high school, I worked 3 jobs; lifeguarding, a sales associate at Bloomingdales, and cater waitressing.

2. What was your first job that got your foot in the digital marketing door?

  • Content marketing at Castrol USA (motor oil)

3. What attracts you to work more on the brand side rather than the agency side?

  • Being in the brand day to day and understanding the consumer on a deeper level.

4. What is something that people should know when they are trying to become a successful digital marketer on the brand side?

  • Try the different areas of digital marketing and understand where your interests lie in the consumer funnel.

5. Has getting your Masters helped you at all and do you recommend it?

  • If you’re working in a smaller organization, then a Masters could help you work collaboratively with a more diverse group of people.

6. What’s your strategy for working through something that has never been done before?

  • If it doesn’t require dollars, it’s easier to test. See what content you can use that you already have to test into these new technologies.

7. What book/blog/website has had the biggest impact on your career?

  • Velocity by Ajaz Ahmed and Stefan Olander.

8. What was your biggest mistake in your digital marketing career?

  • Every move was strategic in my career. I wanted to be the go-to person in a company for all things digital. My job after Castrol Oil, I wanted to try working in an agency again but their department wasn’t built up enough.

9. What is the most important factor to be successful in any career?

  • Having confidence in knowing your area of expertise.

10. What career advice would you give yourself if you had a time machine that went back 10 years?

  • Have more patience. Being in digital, I always felt like I wasn’t learning enough but everything takes time.


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