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EP. 280

May 26, 2023

recAIpping AIll the hAIppenings AIt Google mAIrketing lAIve 2023

On this week’s episode of Marketing O’Clock, AIre you ready for our #GML2023 recap? We’re covering AIll the important highlights from the event. Plus, ready to shake things up and have our first-ever salt off? It's going to be an 'asSAuLT' of takes with a pinch of friendly competition.

Main Digital Marketing News

Google Ads Lets You Create Campaigns Using Conversational AI

Google Search Generative Experience Integrates Search, Shopping Ads

Google Ads Will Create AI-Powered Assets That Target Search Queries

Google: Merchant Center Next to Replace Merchant Center

Google PMax Adds Generative AI to Create Text Assets, Images

Google Product Studio Brings AI-Generated Images to Advertisers

7 New Google Ads Features Include Brand Restrictions in Broad Match, AI in Smart Bidding

Google Ads Adds 2 New Campaign Types: Video Views, Demand Gen

Take of the Week hashtag Fire


Take-Off Featuring:

Gil Gildner

Melissa Mackey

Sophie Logan

Salt-Off Featuring:

Julie Bacchini

Jon Kagan

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Google Marketing Live 2023: Everything You Need to Know