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Facebook Ad Targeting – Ep. 56

February 8, 2019

By Hope DiNatale
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Facebook ad targeting gets some updates as it introduces house income targeting based on US ZIP code averages, the ‘why am I seeing this’ button in the drop-down menu of feed posts will reveal biographical details they targeted and if they uploaded your contact information, and budget optimization is moving to the campaign level in this week’s digital marketing news.

Show notes:

Must Read Marketing Article of the Week:

  • Introducing: The SEO Marketing Hub, A Free Library of SEO Resources by Brian Dean
    • Covers over 35 key topics
    • Contains over 50,000 words700 screenshots, as well as 150+ custom-designed diagrams, charts and visuals.
    • The Hub is broken down into 7 core topics:
      • SEO Fundamentals
      • Content Optimization Strategies
      • Technical SEO
      • Link Building Techniques
      • User Experience Signals
      • SEO Tools and Software
      • Advanced SEO Strategies

This week’s top digital marketing news:

  • About Campaign Budget Optimization Migration
    • You will no longer be able to set budgets for ad sets
    • Facebook will automatically distribute that budget in real time to your top performing ad sets within a campaign
    • Which means, one ad set could end up eating all the budget instead of eventually distributing it
    • Starting in September of 2019
  • Facebook Introduces Household Income Targeting Based on US ZIP Code Averages
    • Household income targeting will be based on percentages
    • You can no longer target people based on a specific income range
  • Facebook will Reveal who Uploaded your Contact Info for Ad Targeting
    • Starting February 28th
    • Users will have a ‘Why am I seeing this’ button they can click on from the drop-down menu in feed posts
    • The goal is to keep users in the loop of how advertisers are using their information
    • Users will be able to view the ads brand/agency or partner, biographical details used for targeting and if their contact info was uploaded.

Lightning Round:

What The Heck (WTH):

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Hope DiNatale

Hope is a Digital Coordinator at Cypress North, working in digital content creation as well as learning to specialize in social media marketing. She loves the mixture of solving problems for others while still being able to work in a creative space. Hope is eager to gain as much experience as she can in the ever-changing digital marketing industry. For Hope, attention to detail is what matters most and she won’t stop working on a project until every detail is perfect for the client.

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