Episode 92 | October 18, 2019

Administrative Assitance: New Tools For LinkedIn Admins

LinkedIn helps businesses optimize their pages with Team Moments, Facebook’s new custom templates help push story placements, Google rolls out affinity audiences for search, Facebook gets ahead of the holiday season with shopping insights, LinkedIn connects the online world with the physical one through Events Hub, and Facebook is caught paying the price for inflating video metrics.


Listen above and read the full show notes below.


Show notes:

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This Week’s Digital Marketing News [02:14]

Must-Read Marketing Articles of the Week [50:23]

Take of the Week [14:06]

Lightning Round

Paid [16:59]

Non-Paid [27:02]

Working Hard or Hardly Working [42:00]

W T H [43:50]

Cool Tool [49:07]

Shoot The Heck [53:43]

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