Episode 57 | February 15, 2019

Google Assistant Ads

All free things come to an end sooner or later. And with over a billion devices using Google Assistant, advertisements are on their way for the free software. Also in this week’s news, Linkedin looks to the future of live video, and Reddit Ads announce improvements to their performance tracking.


Must Read Marketing Article of the Week:

  • An SEO’s guide to using Robots Exclusion Protocol by Richard Baxter
    • A full guide on REP that includes:
      • What REP is
      • Crawler directives, indexing directives
      • Setting page level indexing directives with meta robots
      • Setting page and file level indexing directives with X-Robots
      • Setting crawler directives with robots.txt
      • How to Use wildcards in robots.txt
      • Order of precedence
      • Testing your robots.txt and other indexability issues
      • Remove a subfolder in Search Console
      • Real life scenarios
      • Resources and Further Reading


This week’s top digital marketing news:

  • Google Assistant ads tested
    • Over a billion devices are now using the free software
    • The ad result has only happened to one user so far and Google hasn’t commented on whether it’s a test or a bug
    • Many people are predicting that advertisements will be introduced to Assistant sooner or later
  • Linkedin debuts Linkedin Live, a new live video broadcast service
    • Linkedin will be launching live video this week
    • The service will be on an invite-only basis
    • Linkedin says that video offers the greatest potential for revenue
  • Introducing New Offerings for Performance Advertisers
    • Following their original 2019 update, Reddit announces more tools to help advertisers track performance better
    • App installs are added to campaign objectives
    • Conversion pixel is improved:
      • Tracks multiple conversions
      • Shows view-through and click-through conversions separately
      • Allows attribution window configuration
      • Shows conversion data on new tab


Lightning Round:


What The Heck (WTH):


Cool Tool:

Bonus Episode Deep Dive: Reddit Ads Update