Episode 94 | November 1, 2019

The news aBERT Google’s New Update

In this week’s digital marketing news, Google’s BERT model interprets the meaning of words, Facebook creates a dedicated News tab, RIPeace Flash, Twitter makes a bold statement in response to the political drama, happy birthday banner ads, create custom shortcuts on Google, and this governor’s campaign strategy gets shut down by Facebook.


Listen above and read the full show notes below.


Show notes:

This Week’s Digital Marketing News [01:46]

Must-Read Marketing Articles of the Week [33:56]

Take of the Week [08:38]

Lightning Round

Paid [10:04]

Non-Paid [15:57]

Working Hard or Hardly Working [28:03]

W T H [30:18]

Cool Tool [32:44]

Shoot The Heck [36:30]

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