Episode 93 | October 25, 2019

It’s about time! By Conversion Time Reporting welcomed to Google Ads

Google welcomes conversion time reporting, Facebook adds search result placements, Google introduces lead form extensions, Facebook explains new strategies for political ads, Adidas re-thinks their digital marketing strategy, RSVP to events on Instagram stories, search audio with Apple, and Instagram filters are banned for having a negative impact on well-being.


Listen above and read the full show notes below.


Show notes:

Search Engine Journal Tees Collection

This Week’s Digital Marketing News [02:30]

Must-Read Marketing Articles of the Week [44:00]

Take of the Week [07:27]

Lightning Round

Paid [11:26]

Non-Paid [27:34]

Working Hard or Hardly Working [35:20]

W T H [38:17]

Cool Tool [42:40]

Shoot The Heck [47:28]

Episode 92 Administrative Assitance: New Tools For LinkedIn Admins