Episode 106 | January 24, 2020

And Now, our Featured Snippet Presentation. Deduplication of Google’s Organic Listings.

In this week’s digital marketing news, Google Search deduplicates listings in the SERPs if Featured Snippets are present, Google helps users keep track of their recent recipe searches, a Google Ads optimization score trick leaves us speechless, learn how blogging has transformed over the past 5 years, Twitter teases a explore page extreme makeover, Spotify becomes a new social network with playlist stories, we mourn Mr. Peanuts, and strangers become acquaintances with the snap of a photo.


Listen above and read the full show notes below.

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Show notes:

This Week’s Digital Marketing News [03:23]

Take of the Week [15:14]

ICYMI [17:29]

Lightning Round

Paid [21:02]

Organic [24:34]

Social [36:34]

Working Hard or Hardly Working [43:39]

W T H [46:42]

Petri Dish [48:53]

Get Rid of It [50:48]

Cool Tool [53:10] 

Must-Read Marketing Article of the Week [54:00]

Shoot The Heck [56:31]

Spanning Time

Episode 105 New SERPs who dis? Google updates desktop experience.