Episode 76 | June 28, 2019

Google Text Ads Take A Test Ride On The Carousel

Google text ads are trying out the carousel, Google My Business intensifies the competition against Facebook pages, Linkedin pages introduce five new call-to-action buttons, PPC landing pages are called into question, the secret of converting Instagram ads is revealed, testing your video ads with Youtube’s mockup tool is free, and branded proposals are the latest in influencer trends.


Listen above and find the full show notes below.


Show notes:


This Week’s Digital Marketing News [00:00]

Must Read Marketing Article of the Week [00:00]

Take of the Week [00:00]

Lightning Round

Paid [00:00]

Non-Paid [00:00]

Working Hard or Hardly Working [00:00]

W T H [00:00]

Cool Tool [00:00]

Shoot The Heck [00:00:00]

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