Episode 87 | September 13, 2019

NoFollow No More? Google Announces Link Changes

Google takes hints from nofollows for SEO ranking, Microsoft Advertising launches responsive search ads, three more automated bidding strategies come to Google, Quora’s ad creative gets a size adjustment, online shop without ever leaving Facebook, podcasters flock to Youtube, spotting deepfakes will win you a prize and a popular Youtuber is being investigated for manipulating kids.


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Show notes:


This Week’s Digital Marketing News [01:00]

Must-Read Marketing Articles of the Week [46:00]

Take of the Week [22:40]

  • Glenn Gabe

  • Jon Henshaw

  • Aymen Loukil

  • Marie Haynes

Lightning Round



Working Hard or Hardly Working [38:00]

W T H [39:20]

Cool Tool [44:00]

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