Bonus Episode | January 8, 2019

Off The Clock: Casie Gillette

In 2004, Casie Gillette’s first job out of school was working for an online dating site, where she passed out flyers at clubs. She eventually worked in marketing in-house, where she enjoyed being exposed to all of the different facets of digital marketing. Now she works as the Director of Digital Marketing at KO Marketing, and has been a featured speaker at conventions and conferences like MozCon, SearchLove, PubCon, SMX, Search Marketing Summit, Digital Growth Unleashed, State of Search, and HereoConf, to name a few.


Casie says digital marketing is a lot harder now, and that you have to do real marketing as opposed to just throwing a bunch of stuff on your site, and that when she first started in SEO, Google made an update every year, now it’s one a day, one every hour. Listen to the full episode for the advice she has for digital marketers, the biggest changes she’s experienced in the industry, and why she chose this career path.


Read Casie’s article on Search Engine Journal, “Are Any Of These Things Draining Your Passion For SEO?.”

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