Bonus Episode | January 22, 2019

Off The Clock: Akvile DeFazio

Akvile DeFazio was interested in anything except marketing at first.  One of her first jobs was actually working as an auto parts specialist at Autozone. But when she went off to college, where she majored in physical therapy, she was introduced to marketing. That’s where her interest was sparked. Today, she runs her own agency, AKvertise, and is the author of her first book that helps guide smaller businesses through the Facebook madness.

She has been a featured speaker at SMX, Hero Conf, Swivel Conference, Paid Traffic Conference, Templeton Women In Business, SLC|SEM Digital Marketing Association, Women Who Mean Business Conference, Digital Olympus Online Marketing Conference, and many more.


Join us as we take a closer look at her journey through the digital marketing world.


Read Akvile’s eBook on Facebook advertising, “The Small Business Guide to Facebook Ads.”


Akvile’s Company:


Akvile’s eBook:


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