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Off The Clock: Joe Martinez

March 5, 2019

By Hope DiNatale
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Right out of college, Joe Martinez lived his dream as a professional radio DJ.  But after a career change, DJ S.A was retired and he ended up accepting a job in the Kohl’s buying office for the next five years. While there, Joe became intrigued when a friend of his started talking about her job at a marketing agency. Six years after college, Martinez started an entry-level position at a digital marketing agency and found where he belonged.

“That is the most rewarding part of this job, helping other businesses succeed.” -Joe Martinez

Now the Director at Clix Marketing, Joe is a thought leader in the paid search space, a PPC innovator, and a dynamic speaker: writing and speaking for publications such as Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, Word Stream, SMX, PPC Hero, Hero Conference, Quora, SEM Rush, Pubcon, and Unbounce.

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Show notes:

Joe in Action:

Lightning Round:

1.What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

  • Double major in college or at least try other classes to learn as much as I could.
  • Seek out more training.
  • Find other people to reach out and network with.

2.What’s your biggest mistake in your digital marketing career?

  • Not testing enough.

3.What are the pros and cons of working at an agency?

  • PROS: The people you get to work with and how much you learn.
  • CONS: You can’t do everything you want to do and you might get stuck waiting for things due to communication issues.

4.What are the pros and cons of working from home?

  • PROS: A more relaxing environment and I get to be with my kids more.
  • CONS: Some people might get lonely even though I don’t have that problem.

5.What book/blog/website had the biggest impact on your career?

6.Your favorite speakers that are a must see for you?

7.What’s the most important factor of succeeding in the digital marketing industry?

  • Staying on top of everything new that comes out and embracing those changes.

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Hope DiNatale

Hope is a Digital Coordinator at Cypress North, working in digital content creation as well as learning to specialize in social media marketing. She loves the mixture of solving problems for others while still being able to work in a creative space. Hope is eager to gain as much experience as she can in the ever-changing digital marketing industry. For Hope, attention to detail is what matters most and she won’t stop working on a project until every detail is perfect for the client.

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