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Off The Clock: Jon Henshaw

February 5, 2019

By Hope DiNatale
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When the internet started to take off, Jon Henshaw was presented with an interesting opportunity. And, if he’s learned one thing, it’s to always take advantage of every opportunity you can get. Today, Jon works as a Senior SEO Analyst at CBS Interactive.

Henshaw is also the founder of Coywolf Marketing, a provider of webmaster resources and digital marketing insights, and runs the Coywolf podcast. But every destination has a story.

Listen in as we discover the path that led Jon to where he is now, what his failures taught him, and how he never lost his curiosity itch for digital marketing.

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Show notes:

Jon in Action:

Lightning Round:

  • The software you would invest in and put all of your money into (not relating to digital marketing): Apple
  • The software you would invest in and put all of your money into (relating to digital marketing): Campaign Monitor
  • Best software as a service: Grammarly
  • Best digital marketing software: Google
  • Something that has had a big impact on your career: Company of One by Paul Jarvis
  • The most important factor in building a team: Aptitude; people who have a willingness to always be learning

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Hope DiNatale

Hope is a Digital Coordinator at Cypress North, working in digital content creation as well as learning to specialize in social media marketing. She loves the mixture of solving problems for others while still being able to work in a creative space. Hope is eager to gain as much experience as she can in the ever-changing digital marketing industry. For Hope, attention to detail is what matters most and she won’t stop working on a project until every detail is perfect for the client.

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