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  • Crackdown On Bulk Tweeting
    • Twitter has placed major limits on automating tweets. You can no longer post identical tweets across multiple counts!
  • Facebook Is Removing 20 Outdated, Redundant Ad Metrics
    • Any metrics being removed were barely used or unimportant. Facebook is looking to improve their measurement principles to provide clarity to how metrics are calculated.
  • Google Releases Mobile Scorecard & Impact Calculator
    • You can use the mobile scorecard to compare your site speeds to competitors. The impact calculator gives you an estimate of how much revenue you could be loosing if your site is slow.
  • Why Everyone’s Talking About Vero
    • This ad-free app lets people share photos, books, movies, music and TV! As awesome as that sounds there have been multiple complaints from users on how to even use the app?
  • Google Search Console Message: Fix Long Page Titles
    • There were some screenshots posted on Twitter from a user who received multiple emails from Google Search Console notifying them that title tags on their site are too long? Basically, if your title tags are 600+ Google will not be happy.

An easy way to see if Google thinks your web pages are keyword relevant by Eric Enge.