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This week we are talking funnels. We start by breaking down and explaining the sales funnel and the differences with the marketing funnel (and how they fit together) then head on in to the complexities of marketing to each stage. From messaging, offers, intent and networks - we break down best practices and how to success in a full-funnel approach.

With us on today's show are:

Glenn Schmelzle, founder pf Marketing What's New, host of the "Funnel Reboot Show"

Andrea Cruz, Digital Marketing Manager at the Fabulous KoMarketing

Mark T Saltarelli, Digital Marketing Manager at Cypress North (& Marketing O'Clock regular)

and Marketing O'Clock's Greg Finn will be your host for the hour!

We will be covering the following throughout the panel:

- Different Types of Funnels

- Messaging/Offers/Intent at different stages

- Networks and ad types that work

- Post Conversion opportunities

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