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EP. 225

May 6, 2022

Introducing Twitter Circle. The Bird Continues to Play aRound With New Features.

This week on Marketing O'Clock, Has Twitter lost its edge? Twitter Circle allows you to show your Tweets to only close friends. Sounds familiar, right? Then, smart bidding and optimized targeting meet their (customer) match in Google Ads, And Microsoft Advertising is rolling out new auto-generated remarketing lists and certifications.

Main Digital Marketing News

Microsoft Advertising is Rolling Out Auto-generated Remarketing Lists and More

Google to use Custom Match lists for Smart Bidding, Optimized Targeting

Twitter Circle: Limit who can view your Tweets

Microsoft Advertising has new certification badges, levels, and learning center

Take of the Week hashtag Fire

ICYMI, something that you just might not have seen

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Analysis of Google’s March 2022 Product Review Update (PRU)