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This week on Marketing O’Clock, S(E)O Help Me God! Google Announces Helpful Content Update and the SEO community responds. Then, Twitter and YouTube are pod-sitively optimistic about the future of podcasts, investing in new podcast features on their platforms. All this and more news on this week’s show!

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What Creators Should Know About Google’s Helpful Content Update

SEOs Feel Content Ahead of Google Helpful Content Update

Google’s Helpful Content Update: What Should We Expect?

New Google Helpful Content Update To Change SEO Much Like Panda Did

Google’s ‘Helpful Content Update’ to Devalue ‘Search-Engine First’ Content and Elevate Authentic, Expert Voices in Search

Google’s Effort to Stop People Putting ‘Reddit’ in Searches to Get Authentic Information for Their Query

YouTube․com/podcasts Goes Live as Simple ‘Explore’ Page

YouTube Launches a Dedicated Podcasts Homepage for US Users

Twitter Will Soon Incorporate Podcast Access into its Audio Tab

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