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EP. 297

September 22, 2023

Shakin’ The Cushions: Google Exec Admits to Bid Increases To Hit Quarterly Goals

This week on Marketing O’Clock, Google admits to "shaking the cushions" to meet revenue targets at advertisers' expense. X may no longer be as free as a (former) bird. Is Google finally officially bidding manual bidding adieu? Plus, X marks the spot... for new Google Programmatic ad placements.

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Elon Musk Says X Will Charge Users ‘a Small Monthly Payment’ to Use its Service

Google is Going Into Account and Enabling GA4 Conversion as Primary

System Making Changes to GA4 Conversions in Google Ads Account

Manual Bidding Days Are Coming to an End

Greg Finn’s Thread With @AdsLiaison

X Turns to Google to Sell Programmatic Ads As It Struggles to Regain Ad Dollars

Take of the Week hashtag Fire

ICYMI, something that you just might not have seen

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