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EP. 205

December 17, 2021

Thank You, Thank You(Tube) Very Much! Creators Will Have a Burning Love for New YouTube Features

This week on Marketing O'Clock, YouTube is gifting creators this holiday season with a slew of new features. Our team tells you what you need to know about new auto-chapters, analytics, Shorts remixes, subscription collections, & more! Plus, #PPCchat weighs in on the good and the bad of performance max campaigns (AKA PMax) and more digital marketing news you need to know!

Main Digital Marketing News

YouTube Launched Places Mentioned, Editable Auto Chapters, and Permissions Support for Live Control Room

YouTube to automatically link to places mentioned in videos

YouTube: Videos Contributing to Audience Growth, Updates to AFG, Shorts Remix Analytics, and more

Sneak Peek Experiment: Collections for Subscriptions

Take of the Week hashtag Fire

ICYMI, something that you just might not have seen

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