Episode 105 | January 17, 2020

New SERPs who dis? Google updates desktop experience.

In this week’s digital marketing news, Google updates their desktop experience, it pays to be popular with Google’s new mobile feature, Google creates a clever name for their 2020 core update, custom dimensions surprise advertisers in Google Ads, find out which apps are selling your personal information, and Amazon isn’t good enough for this particular celebrity.


Listen above and read the full show notes below.

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Show notes:

This Week’s Digital Marketing News [04:40]

Take of the Week [20:15]

ICYMI [23:12]

Lightning Round

Paid [26:10]

Organic [37:17]

Social [47:22]

Working Hard or Hardly Working [57:00]

W T H [59:48]

Cool Tool [62:08] 

Must-Read Marketing Article of the Week [63:16]

Shoot The Heck [65:39]

Shep’s Workout Routine

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