Episode 59 | March 1, 2019

Video Plays Its Way Into Google Responsive Display Ads

Google responsive display ads welcome video into their creative assets and officially retires average position, and Facebook continues to focus on the younger crowd by launching a new advertising platform called Showcase. Greg and Jess also go over bulk ad editing in Quora, and call-only ads in Google. All on this week’s show.


Must Read Marketing Article of the Week:

  • Anchor Text: A Data‐Driven Guide (384,614 Web Pages Studied)
    • Joshua Hardwick helps to explain what anchor text is, how it influences rankings, and if it can be useful in 2019. Read this week’s MRMAOTW to discover all you need to know about anchor text including:
      • What is anchor text
      • Types of anchor text
      • How anchor text influences search engine rankings
      • Study 1: Anchor text influence across 19,840 keywords
      • Study 2: Surrounding link text influence across 16,000 pages
      • Should you build links with specific anchors in 2019?


This Week’s Digital Marketing News:

  • Introducing three new features for Google responsive display ads
    • First, video assets are being introduced to Google responsive display ads. You can select up to 5 videos from your Youtube page to be a part of your campaigns.
    • Second, the new combination reports will show users what ad combination of images, text, dynamic feeds, and videos is their top performer.
    • Third, Google will check your ads with a strength showcard that makes sure that users ads are the best they can be before going live.
  • Google Ads to sunset average position reporting metric later this year
    • Google will retire average position reporting from Google Ads later this year.
    • According to Search Engine Land, this announcement doesn’t come as a complete surprise with Google dropping a few hints including:
      • Late last year, Google introduced four new ad position metrics.
      • Earlier this year, Google added click share reporting to search campaigns.
    • Now it’s important to review any campaigns that include average position before it’s gone forever.


Lightning Round:


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Bonus Episode Deep Dive: Pay for Conversions in Google Ads