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EP. 200

November 12, 2021

Business in the Front, Pain in the Back. Google My Business is now Google Business Profile.

This week on Marketing O'Clock, we celebrate our 200th episode! Rest in peace to Google My Business, as it will now be called Google Business Profile and is becoming a whole lot more difficult to manage. Facebook announces the removal of detailed targeting options deemed sensitive. Twitter Blue is now available in the US, but Greg wishes he could unsubscribe. All this and much more!

Main Digital Marketing News

Google My Business now known as Google Business Profile as Google migrates features to Maps and Search

Removing Certain Ad Targeting Options and Expanding Our Ad Controls

Twitter will now let you pay to undo tweets and read ad-free news in the US


Take of the Week hashtag Fire

Google’s New Business Profile: When Search Becomes a Political Tool

ICYMI, something that you just might not have seen

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Why Q4 2021 is different for eCommerce, and what to do about it