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  • Webmasters Lighthouse Extension
    • This extension has an SEO audit that looks at 10 different aspects of your site, such as title tags, meta descriptions, etc. This is a great tool to get some quick data but shouldn’t be the only SEO tool you use for your site.
  • Google My Business Update
    • Google My Business continues to make new updates! We’ve mentioned the ability to add video to your GMB listing in Episode 1 of marketing O’Clock and now they are expanding to letting restaurants add & edit menus. It’s great to see that Google is making this a really robust product.
  • Google Search Console Update
    • We have an update on the new Search Console! The BETA version was released to everyone this week and Google made a survey to see what people wanted to see in the updated reporting.  More about this story here.
  • Quora Releases New Targeting
    • New behavioral & contextual targeting has been released this week! You now have the ability to go really granular with your targeting, for example, you can target specific questions.