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  • Snap Offers Free Credits To Brands Running Vertical Video
    • If you are running vertical ads you can be eligible to receive hundreds of dollars in credits! You have to go through some steps to sign up for this but it’s a good idea to go check it out!
  • Chrome Marks  HTTP Sites “Not Secure”
    • Google is furthering its push for encryption! Come July, you will be getting a warning that your site is not secure.
  • Google’s Chrome Ad Blocking Arrives
    • Dun, dun, duuuun. The day has finally arrived. If a user deems your ad to be too much, Google will not only block that particular ad but any others from your site! There are some do’s & don’ts to follow to avoid getting your ad blocked.
  • New AMP Stories & Email
    • AMP Stories format creates interactive content for your news stories. It is currently in BETA and there is a tutorial you can check out to play around with the new update.
    • AMP Email format allows real-time content to be pulled into your email and update as people comment, etc.