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EP. 276

April 28, 2023

Mo Money Mo Problems. Notorious M.E.T.A. Overspends Ad Set Budgets.

On this week’s episode of Marketing O’Clock, Meta Ads is glitching out of control! Advertisers might be surprised to see how much they spent on the platform last weekend. Plus, you better ‘check’ on what’s going on with Twitter and their verification badges. Also, YouTube’s newest ad unit will be music to the ears of the Gen-Zers.

Main Digital Marketing News

Facebook Ad Systems Error Causes Significant Overspend on Many Accounts

Please Check Your Accounts

Zuck After Laying Off All the Meta PR Team Meme

Has Anyone Heard From Meta Reps About This Issue?

Advertisers Must Subscribe to Twitter Blue or Verified Organizations To Continue Running Ads 

Twitter Introduces Mandatory Verification for Advertisers

Twitter Blue In Chaos Again As App Restores Blue Ticks

Reach Gen Z Audiences Where They Are on YouTube With New Music Ad Solutions

Take of the Week hashtag Fire

SUNSET | GA4 Parody Trailer | Google Analytics 4

ICYMI, something that you just might not have seen

Google Ads Tests Gold Verification Badge

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