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Google Lighthouse Basic SEO Check – Ep. 4

February 9, 2018

By JenniferKaite
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Hey, do you know what time it is? It’s Marketing O’Clock! Your favorite Marketing O’Clock host, Greg Finn, gives you the rundown with special guest, Sarah Burke! There were tons of new Google updates this week, from Google My Business to Google extensions, we will give you the scope on all of them. All articles & resources discussed are in the links below, so feel free to check them out!

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What we’ve got lined up for this weeks Marketing O’Clock:

  • Webmasters Lighthouse Extension
    • This extension has an SEO audit that looks at 10 different aspects of your site, such as title tags, meta descriptions, etc. This is a great tool to get some quick data but shouldn’t be the only SEO tool you use for your site.
  • Google My Business Update
    • Google My Business continues to make new updates! We’ve mentioned the ability to add video to your GMB listing in Episode 1 of marketing O’Clock and now they are expanding to letting restaurants add & edit menus. It’s great to see that Google is making this a really robust product.
  • Google Search Console Update
    • We have an update on the new Search Console! The BETA version was released to everyone this week and Google made a survey to see what people wanted to see in the updated reporting.  More about this story here.
  • Quora Releases New Targeting
    • New behavioral & contextual targeting has been released this week! You now have the ability to go really granular with your targeting, for example, you can target specific questions.

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